Pricing information






Getting a tattoo is a lifetime decision. It is therefore very important that you fully support your choice and that you do not just have something put on your body. Of course you want to see something beautiful every time you look at your tattoo. Something that you also want and can show to others with pride.

If you look at a pair of shoes, you can already see from the brand what the quality is and what they cost. The same goes for a tattoo. Only you can’t take off a tattoo at the end of the day and then never wear them again if you don’t like them. So remember that saving on a tattoo may not be the way to go. Certainly not if the artist’s work is to your liking.

The price you have to pay for your tattoo ultimately depends entirely on your wishes.

It is best to contact us for a specific pricing of your design.

To give you an insight into the prices, we have a number of guidelines here, so that you know a little bit what price you can expect for your tattoo.

Our starting rate is € 70,- and we work with fixed prices per tattoo.

*NB! Due to a European law change, the prices of ink colors have increased. So take into account a ‘color tax’ of approximately 30% on top of these prices.

A full day session is between €700 and €950.

The price is calculated based on the number of hours, whether the skin needs to be drawn on the day of your appointment and of course what the design will be.

For large projects such as a chestpiece, sleeve or a whole back, we charge €150 per hour and approximately 4/5 hours per session. You will then be with us from 11:00/12:00 to approximately 17:00/18:00.

Ultimately, the price for large projects depends entirely on, for example, the style you want and the build of your body. It is best to take 5 to 7 day sessions into account for this.

We design your design in our own time and in these hours do not count towards the price for your tattoo. So know that for the price of your design, we really take the time to create a unique tattoo for you that you can wear with pride! And that’s worth something, isn’t it?

We understand that not everyone has the same income or tattoo budget. Something that unfortunately has many people make the choice to compromise on the quality of their tattoo, in order to ‘just have something tattooed.

Is your tattoo budget not that big, but the urge for a new tattoo is? Then come and visit us on our flash days! Maybe we can make your wish come true and give you a beautiful tattoo for prices starting at €50,-. Keep an eye on our social media to stay informed!


Did you know that we also have gift vouchers?

You can determine the amount that you want to put on the voucher. You can buy the voucher in the studio or order it by e-mail. You will then simply receive the voucher at home. 

The amount of the giftvoucher needs to be spend in one session. We do not give refunds unfortunately.