Finger tattoos






With a finger tattoo, keep in mind that it must be done at least twice. A finger tattoo heals differently than any other place and differently for each person. The designs that are suitable for fingers are also limited to simple line tattoos.

* we do not tattoo on the side of your fingers *

*We use a minimum age of 18 for finger tattoos*

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, because those too are freshly made tattoos. As tattoo artists we only tattoo designs we stand behind.

This does not include micro portraits on fingers, for example.

The healed tattoo, after touching up, can still differ from tattoos on other places on the body. Keep in mind that lines can be thicker and more irregular. We do not tattoo the sides of fingers because the healed result often dissapoints.

Because a finger tattoo requires more attention, time and expertise, our starting rate is €150.