Fine line tattoos






At Nova Art we are known for our fine line tattoos. Because we do this almost every day, we have quite some knowledge about what is and what is not possible. We sometimes get the question if we put single needle tattoos, but please view our portfolio and judge for yourself whether you find the art beautiful and fine lined enough. Whether that line is set with a single needle or a 7 liner, it is about the end result.

Only Roxanne uses single needle. Other artists start at a tight 3 liner, which is still considered very fineline. Because we have knowledge of fine line, they generally heal equally well. But as with all tattoos, you are entitled to a free touch up session if necessary. We prefer to put our tattoos carefully and with a one time touch up than too strong and firm with a chance of ink bleeding, because that is more difficult to fix.

A thin needle has less resistance in the skin so the line may not be consistent in depth. A number of places on the body are therefore less or not suitable for fine line tattoos. For more information, it is best to contact the studio.