Downpayment and cancellation

A deposit is required to book each tattoo. The size of the deposit depends on the size of the tattoo. The deposit or any consultation fees can be paid directly during the booking in the studio or by transferring the amount within 7 days after booking. If the booking date is at shorter notice, please pay as soon as possible. Only after receipt of the deposit/consultation fee is the booking final. We do not send emails upon receipt of the deposit, only if we have not received the deposit yet. All artists receive the payments on their own account, the transactions are not done by Nova Art, that’s why we don’t send an email on receipt.

*If we do not receive the down payment on time, we have to cancel your appointment.

  • € 35,- is the down payment for a consultation.
  • € 50,- is the down payment for a tattoo between € 70/ € 200,-.
  • 100,- is the down payment for a tattoo in the range of € 200/€ 350,-.
  • € 150,- is the down payment for a tattoo higher than €350,-.

The down payment will be deducted from the total amount of the tattoo. The remaining part can be paid on the day of your appointment.  Check the page of your artist to see which payment methods he/she accepts. If you have multiple sessions, the deposit will be deducted during the last session.

You may also wish to reschedule your appointment. You may reschedule your appointment two times within four months at no charge with your deposit retained, provided it is done 72 hours before the booking date.
If you cancel your appointment, no matter when, you will unfortunately lose your deposit. The deposit is for the work and time we put into the cancelled appointment. It is also for reserving the date and time you booked.

The payment details for the deposit can be found in your booking confirmation email.