Booking information






    1. Go to book your appointment‘ in the menu and fill in the form.
    2. Wait for our reply mail, because we might have some questions regarding the design
    3. You will receive dates, duration of the tattoo and price quotes
    4. After we receive an ‘okay’ from you on a date for the tattoo you will receive an automatic appointment confirmation email. In this mail you will find the deposit information. For small tattoos the deposit is € 50,- and for bigger designs its between € 100,- and € 150,-. This deposit is part of the total amount.
    5. After we received your downpayment your booking is complete. We will not email you the design prior to the appointment. On the day of the appointment there is enough time to make adjustments.
    6. Two days before your appointment you will receive an automatic reminder by email.

You can always make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas with the tattooer. We ask € 35,- for a consultation. This is paid upfront and if you book in for a tattoo it will be taken off of the total amount of the tattoo.

Without deposit we will not design for you. We put our time and effort in your tattoo and our time is not free of charge unfortunately. We often put more time in the designing than the price of the deposit but that is why we don’t design without a booked-in tattoo. If you cancel your tattoo appointment, you will loose your deposit as it is not refundable.

If you want to extend or cover an existing tattoo then we ask you to book in a consultation prior to a tattoo appointment. We can not judge what we can do for you based on a photo. During the consultation we will discuss all the possibilities for your tattoo. We will give advice and you are not obligated to book in, we charge € 35,- for a consultation.

We will not copy other tattoos made by other artists. And we will not copy designs we made for other clients. Our creativity is endless so we would love to make a unique design for you.

You will not see before hand how your tattoo will look exactly. When you book in you are aware of our style and portfolio, we hope that this will give you enough trust in us and our vision for your tattoo.

When you book in for your tattoo you have 3 days to send in extra information or changes to your idea. If it will take you longer than 3 days we might charge you because we already put in effort for your tattoo.