Artist Aimée Handpoka

About Aimee 

Aimee is from Luxembourg and moved to Utrecht for love four years ago. She is fluent in English, Luxembourgish, German and French and understands and speaks a little Dutch. 

Besides handpicking, she works as a dog behaviorist @aimee.pandoga.
Aimee’s passion is helping dogs all over the world and traveling to Thailand and Sri Lanka to study and train street dogs. Of course, she can help you strengthen your hand with your dog too!

  • Booking information
    Bookings can be made at: or through the form on this page.
  • Aimee does not have fixed working days, so please let us know your availability!
  • She works in Bussum (preference) and Haarlem.
  • You can pay her via Tikkie or cash.

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1. You’ll get an email back with some further questions about the design.
2. You’ll get a quote, time frame and available dates.
3. After your approval for the date of the tattoo, you will receive an appointment confirmation with payment information for the down payment. For small tattoos the down payment is €50,- and for big tattoos incl. design the down payment is €100,- or €150,-. This is part of the total amount.
4. After receiving the down payment the booking is complete. We do not mail the design in advance. On the day itself there is enough time to make adjustments if necessary.
5. Three days before the appointment you will receive a reminder via email.

  • You can always make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas with a tattoo artist. We charge €35 for a consultation, which will be deducted from the total price of your tattoo once you book an appointment.
  • Without a deposit and tattoo appointment we unfortunately do not design. We put time and effort into your project and of course our time is not free. Often we spend more time designing than the value of the deposit.
  • If you decide not to have a tattoo, then unfortunately you will lose your down payment.
  • If you want to extend or cover an existing tattoo, we ask you to come to the studio for a consultation. Based on a photo we often can’t see well enough if, and what we can do for you.
  • We do not exactly recreate existing tattoos of other tattoo artists. The designs we make for our clients are unique and therefore tattooed once. Our creativity is infinite so we would love to help you with a personalized design!
  • Until the day of the appointment you will not see your tattoo design. You are already familiar with our work during the booking of an appointment and therefore hope that your trust in us and our vision is sufficient.
  • You can email us any other information, examples or changes up to 3 days after booking your appointment. If you do this later, extra costs may be charged. We have already started designing your tattoo!